Mr Jones

Mr. Jones Miami

Social Media Proposal

Current Situation Analysis

What We’re Good At

Mr. Jones provides an upbeat atmosphere with unique theme nights to accompany a variety of clientele.

What We’re Known For

Mr. Jones has a reputation for being an exclusive hip-hop club with big name performers.

Where We Can Improve

Increase the focus on sharing the theme nights as well as working to include bit more information in our social media captions.

Social Media Goals


Posts Per Week


Engagement Rate


Yelp Stars


Google Stars

Posting Strategy

While Mr.Jones is great at keeping their social media active, it will be beneficial to create a targeted posting strategy in order to reach a wider audience.

  • Begin Posting Instagram Reels 1X/Week.
  • Longer Captions To Include More Information Than Just The Contact Info.
  • Strategically Crafted Copywriting: Captions Will Be Written To Engage The Reader And Encourage Engagement.
  • Leverage User Generated Content By Reposting Tagged Stories.
  • Targeted Hashtag Strategy: 5-10 Handpicked Hashtags Included On Each Post To Increase Our Chances Of Being Discovered And Recommended To New Viewers.
  • Increased Focus On Web Presence Like Yelp and Google Business.

Tools To Be Used To Meet Our Goals

Post Scheduling

A post scheduling platform such as Later or Hootsuite will allow us to automate some of our posting. This will not only make things simpler, but also gives us tools to see when the best time to be posting is, how we are ranking against our competitors etc.

Digital Booking Option

We can increase the amount of people who choose to book a table by offering a digital form. I can create this form on your company’s website and have the form entries automatically sent to a designated email address. You can then have your promoters or whoever is in charge of booking reach out to anyone who has completed a form.

Monthly Analytics Monitoring

Each month I will gather the relevant analytics and send over a digital report so that you’re well informed on how our social media is performing. Based on what our analytics reveal, posts and strategy will be adjusted accordingly.